Translating from Russian

Translating from Russian and Ukrainian can be difficult. If it's on the internet then I can copy and paste into Google Translate. Some articles translate well, some don't. Sometimes a name gets translated several different ways in one document. Dedushka's friend had the last name Zhug which sometimes is translated as Beetle.

If it's an old paper document, there are several problems. One is that I can't read Cyrillic handwriting, so I can only translate typed documents. Some are faded documents or blurry carbon copies. When a mistake was made the typist simply back up and typed over the incorrect letter. Not knowing the language it is hard for me to guess the correct letter. Then there are lots of abbreviations and acronyms no longer in use.

Then I use a virtual key board to "type" it in - not always correctly, although the spell checker does help in this case. For each letter I find the letter and make a mouse click. Then I paste it in the translator and go back searching for possible corrections so that the final result makes sense.

This is a very long introduction to show you something that actually popped up during this process.

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