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Shugaevsky Family

Part 15  Corporal Marcus Terbey

The US Coast Artillery Corp

One of my first successful internet searches for “Marcus Terbey” unexpectedly revealed that he served in the U.S. Military.  Below is information from a US pension index dated April 1916. This is before the US entered World War I in 1917 – Marcus had good timing. The 1923 passport application lists a former residence as Fort Howard, New Jersey. Fort Howard was an active military base on the northernmost barrier island in New Jersey, across from Staten Island and Brooklyn. The pension record indicates that he was in the US Coast Artillery Corps. He applied for the pension in Connecticut. Later I found that he actually lived there, even though he didn't mention it on his 1923 passport application

1916b Marcus Terbey, %22United States Ci

Leonid didn't fight in a war and could not have been in the army for many years. Did he actually receive a pension? Is this when he sustained an injury to his eye? I have not answered these questions.

1916 Pension Image trimmed.jpg

Recent image of Fort Hancock

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US Army Artillery Insignia Pin.jpg

An artillery pin representing two crossed canons, similar to the one on Marcus’s hat in the photo below. There is a double chevron on his shoulder patches which indicates that he was a corporal when this photo was taken. Corporal is the rank between private and sergeant. 

f Leonid 1911-3 .jpeg
f Leonid 1911-3 back.jpeg

After finding the pension information I found the above photo in my family’s papers. The writing is in Russian, and has “L. A. Shugaevsky” with Mark Terbey written below in parentheses. It is dated 1911-1913. 

Fort Hancock - Google Maps.jpg

Recent image from Fort Hancock from the National Park Service


Gun at Fort Hancock from the 1930s (after Leonid had left) Image from National Park Service

Fort Hancock, a coastal artillery base that defended New York Harbor, became operational in 1896. More recently it was a US missile base for Nike surface to air missiles. It’s now part of the National Park System.

Map image: Google Maps

Why did Leonid join the army? Besides his previous training, there was room, board and income while he polished his English skills. It was also made it easier to become a US citizen.  On the next web page we will find out about how Leonid used his military service to become a US citizen with his new identity.

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