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Shugaevsky Family

Part 3 (A short side trip)

Trofim, Stefan’s Older Brother

In 1833, Trofim was among the “Younger candidates” graduating from Kiev Theological Academy (see list below). He would have been around 25 years old at the time. I haven’t found a later record for him.  If he became a priest there would have been a record of it, but some records (and whole churches) were destroyed by the Soviets. On the list, after his name there is “Chernihiv” in parentheses. It may refer to the Chernihiv Theological Seminary, where he probably received his secondary education.  The Kiev Theological Academy was a higher education Institution (similar to a university – more about this here). 

Graduation in 1833 (Kiev Theological Seminary)  Source:  Click here
Course VI 
(1829 - 1833)


Pavlovsky Mikhail Karpovich (Ekaterinoslav) 
Mihnevich Osip G. (Volyn) 
Melioranskii Basil Akimovich (Podolsky) 
Mikhailov Mikhail Mitrofanovich (Voronezh) 
Krasin Pavel Ya (Orel) 
Nowicki Daniel Matveevich (Podolsky) 
Benedict (Kurkovskaya), monk (Ekaterinoslav) 
Avsenev Petr Semenovich (Voronezh ) 
Sialsky Ivan Alekseevich (Chernigovskaya) 
Andreev Alexander Fedorovich (Kurskaya) 
Lisitsyn Ivan Yakovlevich (Orlovskaya)


Senior candidates:

Borichevsky Ivan Petrovich (Minsk) 
Dansky Alexey Alekseevich (Orlovskaya) 
Putilin Maxim Nikolaevich (Voronezhskaya) 
Golinevich Yakov Ivanovich (Minsky) 
Grigoriev Nikolai Alekseevich (Poltavskaya) 
Smolodovich Daniil Maksimovich (Kievskaya) 
Apollonius (Matveyevsky), hieromonk (Yekaterinoslavskaya) 
Generovic, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg ) 
Shchutsky Roman Dmitrievich (Kursk) 
Protsenkov Nikolai Maksimovich (Kharkov Collegium) 
Evmeny (Archangel), hieromonk (Orlovskaya)


Younger candidates:

Ilyinsky Yefim G. (Orel) 
Sukovsky Osip Kiprianovich (Volyn) 
Shugaevsky Trofim V. (Chernihiv) 
Christopher (Popov), monk (Orel) 
Grabowski Mikhail (Chernihiv) 
Nechaev Alexander M. (Orel) 
Mikhail Rodionov K. (Chernihiv) 
Khizhnyakov Nikolai Mikhailovich (Kursk ) 
Aristov Aleksandr Petrovich (Kharkov collegium) 
Viktorovskii Pavel Petrovich (Volyn) 
Eutychius (Girenko), monk 
Omelyanskii Benedict Fomich (Volyn) 
Slavinskiy Alexey Gerasimov (Kharkov colleague ) 
Gelasius (Knyazhevskiy), monk 
Skibitskiy Adrian I. (Poltava) 
Podgaetskii Dimitri A. (Kiev)
Petrov Vasily Vasilyevich (Voronezhskaya) 
Shabatovich Ivan Dmitrievich (Kievskaya) 
Sergeev Timofey Sergeevich (Orlovskaya) 
Theologians Andrey Grigorievich (Kharkiv Collegium) 
Karpovich Yakov Afanasyevich (Poltavskaya) 
Novitsky Mikhail Matveevich (Podolskaya) 
Aleksandrov Yakov Fedorovich ( Orlovka, which is applied by the United States of Am.) 

Yakov Fedorovich ( Poltavskaya) 

Novitsky Mikhail Matveevich (Podolskaya) 

Aleksandrov Yakov Fedorovich ( Poltavskaya )



Sinkevich Tikhon Ivanovich (Kishinev)

You were:

Maximovich Stefan (Kievskaya) 
Evtimovich Grigory (Kievskaya) 
Stefanovsky Andrey (Kievskaya) 
Pyatnitsky Fedor (Kurskaya) 
Poyarkov Ivan (Voronezhskaya) 
Panov Vasily (Orlovskaya) 
Varitsky Vladimir (Poltava) 
Ilitsky Peter (Poltava) 
Dubitsky Alexey (Ekaterinoslavskaya)

Died: Umantsev Mikhail (Kharkov Collegium) 
Zhukov Ambrosy (Kharkov Collegium) 
Yakovlev Claudius (Voronezh)

More Shugaevsky (Шугаевский) References from the Internet

Persistence is the key to success in doing this research. I do the same search multiple times and go many pages deep into the results, always looking for links. I research the schools, cities, politics, etc. to help me dig deeper and to understand what I have found.


Besides other references to Stefan from this general time period, I found two other priests: Nikolai Shugaevsky. and a deceased Grigory Shugaevsky who was older – his son was taken into military service in 1797. Also there is an Evdokia Shugaevsky that graduated from Chernihiv Diocesan Women’s School in 1881.

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