Shugaevsky Family

This section has most of the information I've uncovered for my grandfather  Valentin's sibings, parents, and forebears. Valentin will have his own section.

Anatoly 1889-1923 or 24

He fought the Bolsheviks with the White Russian army, evacuated to Gallipoli and was killed by Soviet agents in Latvia.

Valentin 1884-1961

The author's grandfather

(He'll eventually get his own section)

Leonid 1885-1949

He escaped Russia through China, became a US citizen with a false identity and lived a life of danger and intrigue.

1903 family-portrait.jpg

Portrait form 1903. Click to enlarge.

Anastasia 1865-1943

The well bred women who married André. There are some stories about her in Rena's memoirs, and some details in the page on André. 

Maria 1894-1916 or 17

Studied to become a teacher in Petrograd and died very young.

André 1846-1917, the son of  priest who dropped out of theological seminary and became a lawyer. He wrote a news article that still gets cited – recently in a dissertation about Dostoyevsky.

Also ...

The material I've gathered for my ancestors listed below may not be of much interest for the casual reader.


Vasily Yermolaivich

1773 - ?

Orthodox priest in a small village

Stefan Vasilyevich


Vasily's son who also became a priest of some importance. He was my Valentin's grandfather.

Trofim Vasilyevich

ca 1808 - ?

Another of Vasily's sons. He disappears from the record at an early age and so his page is short.

Pavel Stefanovich


Valentin's uncle. He moved from Chernihiv to St. Petersburg. I didn't find much information about him.

I am unschooled in geneology so I didn't use any system to make this family tree. It's not very complex. If I have any living Shugaevsky relatives other than my mother and siblings I am unaware of them. Ariadna (at the bottom) is my mother.

Shugaevsky Tree .jpg