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Last month I received an email from Ukraine about Rena's uncle, Leonid. To recap: Leonid was a lieutenant in the Russian Imperial Army, was sent to Siberia for revolutionary activities, escaped into China, traveled to Canada, and then to the U.S.. Leonid then joined the U.S. Army and became a US citizen. He used the army to change his name and birthplace when he applied to become a citizen (he said he was born in Belgium). This way he was able to travel to Russia without loosing his U.S. citizenship. He arrived in Vladivostok in May 1918. Even with all of the fighting - US troops, British, Japanese Czechs, Bolsheviks, Whites - he was able to travel to Ukraine. Previously I had no record of him between May 1918 in Vladivostok and 1922 in Constantinople.

Now here is the email:

About Leonid Shugaevsky.

On November 30, 1918, one of the Chernigov newspapers "Chernigovskaya Misl" reported that L.A. Shugaevsky, was appointed a senior official on special assignments under the Chernigov provincial headman (last month of the reign of Hetman P. Skoropadsky).

For most of 1918 Ukraine was an independent country with a conservative, anti-socialist government and Leonid had a position in that government right before it fell. Sorry If this is all very boring to you, but for a researcher this is very exciting.

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